Apple's Siri and Maps Suite Coming to OS X 10.9

Two of Apple's recent innovations for iOS, the Siri personal assistant software and the new mapping suite, have been included in early builds of the company's OS X 10.9 for Macs, according to a report from 9to5Mac.


The two features could be included on Macs in the upcoming year, according to the web site's sources. It is not yet clear whether, as with other Apple devices, the features will only be available on certain devices using OS X 10.9. 

The report notes that Apple's Dictation feature, already included on all Macs running Mountain Lion, uses a similar architecture and hardware resources for the voice command capability presented by Siri. 

Apple also plans to integrate its mapping service into OS X 10.9 as a framework for developers, which could stimulate expansion and improvement of the criticized maps suite on both iOS and OS X 10.9. 

According to 9to5Mac, the development of OS X 10.9 began simultaneously with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. At the time, Apple began work on various future features to the operating system alongside the launch of OS X Lion in 2011. These features, first available on iOS, include Notification Center, Airplay, Dictation, Game Center, Reminders, Notes, and iCloud document syncing, among others. 

The report indicates that as the current Mac operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, was previewed to developers this past February and debuted in July, a similar release timeline might be used as a guideline for the timetable on OS X 10.9.

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