ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update Announced

ScottGu announced the final release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update.

From his blog:

I’m excited to announce the final release of the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 update.  This update is a free download for Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5, and adds some great additional features to both ASP.NET and Visual Studio.

Today’s update makes no changes to the existing ASP.NET runtime, and so it is fully compatible with your existing projects and development environment. Whether you use Web Forms, MVC, Web API, or any other ASP.NET technology, there is something in this update for you. 

Click here to download and install it today! This ASP.NET and Web Tools update will also be included with the upcoming Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (aka VS2012.2).

1. About VS 2012, Scott mentioned: 

The Visual Studio 2012 editor has several improvements. With today’s update VS now supports syntax highlighting for:

  • CoffeeScript
  • Mustache
  • Handlebars
  • JsRender
2. In ASP.NET Web API, Scott wrote:

New built-in tracing functionality now lets you easily diagnose problems with Web API whether you’re running in Visual Studio or on Windows Azure. Tracing output from Web API is automatically written to the Visual Studio output window, IntelliTrace, and any other trace listener that you would like, including Windows Azure Diagnostics. The output shows the full Web API pipeline for all requests, including any exceptions or errors that occur, what controller and action were selected, model binding, the format that was negotiated, and the response.

3. ASP.NET Friendly URLs are supported now.
4. ASP.NET MVC Enhancements

5. Included in today’s release is Visual Studio 2012 template support for creating SignalR projects as well as adding SignalR support to existing Web Forms and MVC applications. Read more about SignalR at