ASP.NET Core Updates in .NET 5 Preview 8

.NET 5 Preview 8 is now available.

Developers will need to use VS 2019 16.8 Preview 2 or newer to use .NET 5 Preview 8. .NET 5 is also supported with the latest preview of Visual Studio for Mac.
ASP.NET Core updates in this release include:
  • Azure Active Directory authentication with Microsoft.Identity.Web
  • CSS isolation for Blazor components
  • Updated Blazor WebAssembly globalization support
  • New InputRadio Blazor component
  • Set UI focus in Blazor apps
  • Lazy loading in Blazor WebAssembly
  • Influencing the HTML head in Blazor apps
  • Model binding and validation with C# 9 record types
  • IAsyncDisposable for Blazor components
  • Control Blazor component instantiation
  • Improvements to DynamicRouteValueTransformer
  • Protected browser storage

Source: Microsoft
With the release of .NET 5 Preview 8, ASP.NET Core project templates now integrate with Microsoft.Identity.Web in order to handle authentication with Azure Activity Directory.The Microsoft.Identity.Web package gives a better experience for authentication via Azure AD and an easier way to access Azure resources on behalf of your users, including Microsoft Graph.
With the release of .NET 5 Preview 8, Blazor now supports defining CSS styles that are scoped to a given component. Developers can define component-specific styles in a .razor.css file that matches the name of the .razor file for the component.
Preview 8 has reintroduced globalization support for Blazor WebAssembly based on ICU. Part of introducing the ICU data and logic is optimizing these payloads for download size.
.NET 5 Preview 8 allows you to pass state to your DynamicRouteValueTransformer and filter the set of endpoints chosen. Running dotnet watch on an ASP.NET Core project will now both launch the default browser and auto refresh the browser as you make changes to your code.
For additional details, you can visit the official blog here.