AT&T Releases IoT Starter Kits For Raspberry Pi And AWS

AT&T has gone on to expand the toolkit it offers to the developers so as to build the Internet of Things, with introduction of two new versions – one for all those who use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and another geared towards Raspberry Pi just like other devices. The main aim for this is to provide developers with connectivity tools which would allow them to bring their ideas to productivity.
It was around six months back that AT&T had first released its starter kit. The latest version uses a plug and play mechanism, which means that everything, that is required by a developer, is available in one complete package.
In the AWS focused starter kit, AT&T provides developers with an LTE Cat-1 modem, a U.S and Mexico SIM card with 300 MB of prepaid data for around 6 months, two antennas, USB cables, a USB plug, a NXP K64F developer board along with a microSD so as to store security credentials and configurations. 
The latest offering which has been build on AT&T comes with the existing relationship with Amazon and it has been produced with Avnet, the same company which has worked on the earlier kit of the company’s telecommunication.
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The earliest version of the starter kit offered an Ardiuno microcontroller carrier board, but it was not popular with the developers, hence the AT&T has released the LTE IoT Add-on kit which goes on to include LTE Cat-1 modem, a U.S. and Mexico SIM card with 300 MB of prepaid data for 6 months, two antennas, USB cables, and a USB plug. The control board is completely as per the choice of the developer.
Irrespective of the starter kit which you choose, AT&T will offer an added support for PubNub’s Data Stream Network and APIs, which would enable low latency along with secure two-way of messaging at scale.
The starter kits can be viewed as a way to encourage developers so as to build Internet of Things. Both the new kits are now available.

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