August 2019 Release Of VS Code

Microsoft rolls out August 2019 Release Of VS Code with many new useful features.

Microsoft has rolled out August 2019 release of Visual Studio Code(version 1.38). The new version includes updates as well as new features.
Key updates of the new release include:
Preserve Case option of the editor's Find/Replace control is now available as the AB icon in global search and replace. Additionally, you also get a new case preservation mode for hyphen-separated words.
Source: Microsoft 
Settings editor string array validation - Starting with v1.38, the settings editor shows errors for array-of-string items in-case the present value does not satisfy the specified minItems, maxItems, item.enum, or item.pattern schema.
Source: Microsoft 
Adjust cursor surrounding lines - New features 'scrollOff' allows you to customize the number of visible lines to display around the cursor when moving the cursor towards the beginning or end of a file.
Copy and revert in the diff editor - The new release provides you with new actions for copying or reverting deleted content in the inline diff editor. By, hovering on deleted content in the inline diff editor and you can now copy the whole deleted content or copy a specific line or Revert the change as well.
Go to Line supports negative line numbers - This means you can now quickly jump to the end of a file.
MDN Reference link for HTML and CSS - With the new version comes the ability to displays a URL pointing to the relevant MDN Reference in completion and hover of HTML & CSS entities.
Some other useful updates include, Add missing await Quick Fix, Debugging data breakpoints, VS Code icon repository and Alpine Linux distro support.
To get more details and complete list of updates, you can visit the release notes here.