AWS Announced The GA Of Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket helps you get started with quantum computing, providing development tools, simulators, and access to a wide variety of quantum hardware.

AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Braket, which is a fully managed AWS service that offers a development environment to help you explore and design quantum algorithms. You can use Amazon Braket to test and troubleshoot quantum algorithms on simulated quantum computers running on computing resources in AWS to verify your implementation.
The service allows you to run your quantum algorithms on your choice of quantum processors based on different technologies, including systems from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti. It gives you a unified development experience for managing both simulated and quantum hardware jobs, and you pay only for the compute resources used.
Amazon Braket gives you fully-managed Jupyter notebooks that you can use to explore possible applications. You can visualize your results, and optimize quantum algorithms. Developers can choose from notebooks with pre-installed developer tools, sample algorithms, and tutorials that help you get started quickly.
Source: AWS
The service gives you access to a variety of different types of hardware like quantum annealers and gate-based systems built on superconducting qubits and ion traps. Cross-platform developer tools offer a consistent experience so you don’t require to learn multiple development environments. You can explore which quantum computing technology is the best fit for your applications effortlessly.
Since Amazon Braket offers quantum computing as an AWS Cloud service, you can tap into elastic compute and machine learning capabilities from the same console. Native support for AWS security and management services simplifies access control, data protection,and operational monitoring.

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