AWS Announces Babelfish For PostgreSQL

Babelfish is a new end-point in PostgreSQL that understand commands from applications built for Microsoft SQL Server

Recently, AWS announced a new database product - Babelfish for PostgreSQL, that provides a translation layer for SQL Server’s proprietary SQL dialect (T-SQL) and communications protocol so that customers can switch to AWS’ Aurora relational database at will.

AWS said that Babelfish enables PostgreSQL to understand database request, both the command and the protocol, from applications written for Microsoft SQL Server without changing libraries, database schema, or SQL statements. It provides much faster migrations with minimal developer effort. Babelfish also makes sure that applications designed to use SQL Server functionality will behave the same on PostgreSQL as they would on SQL Server.

The biggest difference between Babelfish and traditional migration services is that Babelfish eliminates the need to change the application to use PostgreSQL database drivers. Babelfish also removes the need to rewrite your internal application code to work with PostgreSQL.

Source: AWS

Babelfish for PostgreSQL allows you to load your data into PostgreSQL with no conversion and lets your application think it’s still talking to SQL Server.

AWS said that it will open-source Babelfish in the first quarter of 2021. Until then, you can try and test Babelfish on Amazon Aurora in a preview.

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