AWS Announces EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Today, Amazon’s EC2 team announced that its AWS’s EC2 Dedicated Hosts server is available now. The news was announced via a blog post by Jeff Barr.

AWS supports a model called Bring Your Own License, or BYOL that allows customers to bring their own product licenses such as Windows Server, SQL Server, and Oracle and use the same licenses on AWS while migrating to AWS. For this license transfer, AWS was working this mapping service under a new model and this service is called Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts. This model will allow you to allocate an actual physical server (the Dedicated Host) and then launch one or more EC2 instances of a given type on it. You will be able to target and reuse specific physical servers and stay within the confines of your existing software licenses.

From the blog:

Dedicated Hosts allow you to:

Bring Your Own Licenses – You can bring your existing server-based licenses for Windows Server, SQL Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and other enterprise systems and products to the cloud. Dedicated Hosts provide you with visibility into the number of sockets and physical cores that are available so that you can obtain and use software licenses that are a good match for the actual hardware.

Help Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements – You can allocate Dedicated Hosts and use them to run applications on hardware that is fully dedicated to your use.

Track Usage – You can use AWS Config to track the history of instances that are started and stopped on each of your Dedicated Hosts. This data can be used to verify usage against your licensing metrics.

Control Instance Placement – You can exercise fine-grained control over the placement of EC2 instances on each of your Dedicated Hosts.


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