AWS Announces GA Of PrivateLink For Amazon S3

AWS PrivateLink offers you private connectivity between Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and on-premises resources using private IPs from your virtual network.

Recently, Amazon announced the general availability of AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3. PrivateLink offers private connectivity between Amazon S3 and on-premises resources using private IPs from your virtual network.

Source: AWS

With AWS PrivateLink users can now access S3 directly as a private endpoint within their virtual network using a new interface VPC endpoint in their Virtual Private Cloud. API requests and HTTPS requests to  Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)  from your on-premises applications are automatically directed via interface endpoints, which connect to S3 securely and privately through PrivateLink.

Interface endpoints simplify the network architecture when connecting to S3 from on-premises applications.  Interface endpoints eliminates the need to configure firewall rules or an internet gateway. Not only this users also gain additional visibility into network traffic with the ability to capture and monitor flow logs in their VPC. 

Users can also set security groups and access control policies on their interface endpoints. 

AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3 is available in all AWS Regions at a low per-GB charge for data processed and a low hourly charge for interface VPC endpoints. 

To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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