AWS Brings SAM Debugging Experience For VS Code

AWS introduces launch configurations support for SAM debugging in the AWS Toolkit for VS Code.

Recently, Amazon announced that the AWS Toolkit for VS Code now implements a new SAM debugging experience based on VS Code launch configurations.
This new SAM debugging experience replaces the old Run Locally | Debug Locally experience. It allows you to use VS Code’s standard launch configuration interface to run and debug Lambda handlers locally.
Apart from providing a more integrated and idiomatic experience, aws-sam launch configurations provide you more flexibility to configure launchers for any SAM template or handler.
SAM local Lambda debugging also brings new capabilities that allow you to specify AWS credentials, specify SAM CLI options, and debug a Lambda locally without a SAM template.yaml file by specifying target: code in the invokeTarget of the launch-config.
Well, to try this latest SAM debugging experience for VS Code, you can install the AWS Toolkit from the VS Code Marketplace.