AWS Cloud9 IDE Now Supports TypeScript

AWS Cloud9 IDE now supports TypeScript. Learn how to install template to Cloud9 IDE to support TypeScript.

AWS Cloud9 IDE just added support for TypeScript language.
AWS TypeScript Cloud9 
TypeScript is an open-source, JavaScript superset programming language to build Web apps using object oriented and classes like JS. Learn more about TypeScript here.
AWS now supports TypeScript. You can install TypeScript template for AWS's Cloud9 IDE and build, test, and run TypeScript code. Check out How to build TypeScript app using AWS Cloud9 for more details.
AWS Cloud9 Development IDE is a set of tools that to write code, build, run, test, debug, and release software in the cloud.
You access the AWS Cloud9 IDE through a web browser. The IDE offers a rich code-editing experience with support for several programming languages and runtime debuggers, as well as a built-in terminal.
Learn more about Cloud 9 IDE here.