AWS Lake Formation Is Now Generally Available

It simplifies and automates most of the complicated manual steps that are required while creating a data lake

Recently, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of AWS Lake Formation.
According to the company, AWS Lake Formation is a fully managed service that makes it very easy for customers to build, secure, and manage data lakes. It simplifies and automates most of the complex manual steps that are required while creating a data lake, including collecting, cleaning, and cataloging data, and securely making that data available for analytics.
For AWS Lake Formation you do not pay any additional charges and pay only for the underlying AWS services used. For getting started with AWS Lake Formation you can visit:
"The enhanced level of control gives us secure access to data and meta-data for columns and tables, not just for bulk objects, which is an important part of our data security and governance standard." said, Anand Desikan, Director of Cloud and Data Services, Panasonic Avionics.
Customers can easily bring their data into a data lake from a variety of sources using pre-defined templates, automatically classify and prepare the data, and centrally define granular data access policies to govern access by the different groups within an organization.
Customers can then analyze this data using their choice of AWS analytics and machine learning services, including Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, and AWS Glue, with Amazon EMR, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon SageMaker following in the next few months.
Source: AWS
To clean and deduplicate data the Lake Formation makes uses of machine learning in order to improve the data consistency and quality. For simplifying data access and security, it gives a single, centralized place to set up and manage data access policies, governance, and auditing across Amazon S3 and multiple analytics engines.
Also, AWS Lake Formation offers a central, searchable catalog that describes the available data sets and their appropriate business use.

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