AWS Lambda Now Supports Node.js 14.x Runtime

Node.js 14.x runtime is a Long Term Support (LTS) version of Node.js.

AWS recently shared that users can now develop AWS Lambda functions using the Node.js 14.x runtime - Long Term Support (LTS) version of Node.js. 

AWS said that Node.js 14 is a stable release and brings many new features, including updated V8 engine, Diagnostic reporting, and Updated Node streams. 

The new version is powered by V8 version 8.1, which is a significant upgrade from the V8 7.4 engine powering the previous Node.js 12.x. V8 version 8.1 brings performance enhancements and some notable new features like Nullish Coalescing ??, Intl.DateTimeFormat, Intl.DisplayNames, and Optional Chaining ?.

Source: Node.js

Intl.DateTimeFormat feature enables numberingSystem and calendar options and Intl.DisplayNames offers the consistent translation of region, language, and script display names.

Diagnostic reporting is a stable feature in Node.js 14, and allows you to generate a JSON-formatted report on demand or when certain events occur. Similar to Node.js 12, Java 11, and Python 3.8, Node.js 14 managed runtime is based on an Amazon Linux 2 execution environment. The Linux 2 provides a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run your cloud and enterprise applications.

You can start building with Node.js 14 by specifying a runtime parameter value of nodejs14.x when creating your Lambda functions using the zip archive packaging format. Users can also build Lambda functions in Node.js 14 by deploying their function code as a container image using the Node.js 14 AWS base image for Lambda.