AWS Lambda Support For EFS Now Generally Available

AWS Lambda clients can now enable functions to access Amazon EFS.

Recently, AWS announced the general availability of AWS Lambda support for Amazon Elastic File System. AWS said that Lambda clients can now enable functions to access Amazon Elastic File System.
So, you can now easily share data across function invocations and read large reference data files, as well as write function output to a persistent and shared data store.
According to AWS, AWS Lambda can be used to build data-intensive applications, load larger libraries and models, and process larger amounts of data in a highly distributed manner. AWS Lambda lets you share data across functions, containers and instances. AWS Lambda automatically mounts the file system and gives a local path to read and write data at low latency.
In order to use AWS Lambda with Amazon EFS, you need to add an EFS Access Point ARN and the local mount path to your function configuration.
AWS Lambda makes sure that function instances mount the EFS file system within the same Availability Zone in a few hundred milliseconds using TLS encryption. Clients setting up an EFS file system can enable encryption at rest as well as AWS IAM authorization. You can choose the NFS permissions that Lambda functions use to access the file system through EFS Access Points.