AZ1 Neural Edge Processor Makes Alexa Voice Command Faster

Amazon built AZ1 Neural Edge Processor in collaboration with MediaTek.

Recently, Amazon unveiled the AZ1 Neural Edge processor, which is a silicon module that will speed up Alexa’s ability to answer your queries and commands by hundreds of milliseconds per response.
Amazon built this module in collaboration with MediaTek. AZ1 Neural Edge processor will allow for on-device neural speech recognition for new products.
Source: Amazon
AZ1 Neural Edge processor is built into the new Echo smart speaker, Echo Dot and Echo Dot with clock, Echo Dot Kids Edition, and Echo Show 10 smart display, Amazon announced recently. Currently, only the Echo and Echo Show 10 have the on-device memory needed to support the company's new all-neural speech models.
According to the report from the verge, the AZ1 looks more similar to Google’s Neural Core that’s implemented in the Pixel 4. This dedicated chip helps the device to understand spoken English, to the point where it can transcribe recordings in real time without being connected to the internet