Azure Communication Services Now Generally Available

Azure Communication Services Libraries enables you to add all forms of real-time communication to your applications using the same technology that powers Microsoft Teams.

Recently, Microsoft announced the GA release of Azure Communication. This release enables users to add chat, voice\video calling, traditional telephone calling, and other forms of real-time communication to their applications using the same technology that powers Microsoft Teams.

Well, the Azure Communication Services development experience is divided into many composable client libraries that support a wide array of platforms and languages like JavaScript, .NET, Python, Android*, etc.

Developers can create identities with the Azure Communication Services Identity library that serves as an identifier in communication and is used to create access tokens. And, the same identity can participate in many simultaneous sessions across multiple devices. Not only this an identity can also have multiple active access tokens at the same time.

Communication Services SMS client libraries can help you to send and receive SMS text messages. It can be used to support customer service scenarios, appointment reminders, and other real-time text communication needs. It enables you to reliably send messages while exposing deliverability and response rate insights surrounding your campaigns.

Azure Communication Services also enables you to use phone numbers to make voice calls and send SMS messages with PSTN. In cases where your phone number will be used by an application, you can select a toll-free or local number. And if your phone number is being used by a person, the local phone number must be used. You can learn more on the "Phone Numbers" documentation site.

The calling client libraries support the below-mentioned capabilities:

Source: Microsoft

For additional details, you can visit the official announcement here.