Azure Container Service Update Now Available

The Azure Container Service (ACS) will provide you with a unique approach to manage containers in the cloud by offering a simple way for them so as to scale containers in production through proven open source container orchestration technology. Microsoft has currently announced a series of updates to ACS which continues to demonstrate ACS, open and flexible way to run the container application in the cloud – providing you with more choice in their cloud orchestrator. The latest update goes on to include, the following:

  • Kubernetes on Azure Container Service (preview): It was in 2014, around a month after Kubernetes became publicly available, the company has gone on to announce support for Kubernetes on Azure infrastructure. Kubernetes 1.4 now offers support for native Azure networking, load-balancer and Azure disk integration. Now, Microsoft has taken this support a step further, announcing the preview release of Kubernetes 1.4 on Azure Container Service. Microsoft states that this deeper and native support of Kubernetes will go on to provide you with one more complete open source choice for your container orchestration engine on Azure. Now, you will be able to come with more options so as to choose their cloud orchestrator with ACS providing support for three open source solutions in DC/OS, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.
  • DC/OS Upgrade to 1.8.4: Microsoft has gone on to upgrade ACS support for DC/OS to version 1.8.4. This new version goes on to include flexible new virtual networking capabilities along with job-scheduling and Marathon-based container orchestration baked right into the DC/OS UI. In addition to this, GitLab, Artifactory, Confluent Platform, DataStax Enterprise and our own Operations Management Suite are now available for one click installation from the DC/OS Universe app store.
  • Open Source Azure Container Service Engine: Microsoft is also releasing source code for ACS Engine which is used to create Azure Container Service deployments in Azure. This new open source project on GitHub would go on to allow you to share with the community how the company deploy DC/OS, Swarm and Kubernetes and collaborate on best practices for orchestrating containers on Azure, both public as well as on Azure Stack. Moreover, with the ACS Engine, you will be able to modify as well as customize deployments of the service beyond what is now possible.

Microsoft in its official sites states,

“Finally, with your help, we can take contributions from the community and improve the service running in Azure.”

Along with delivering more choice and flexibility on ACS, Microsoft is going to enable more streamlined agile development and container management through the latest updates, which goes on to include, the following:

Azure Container Registry: The preview will be made available on November 14; the Azure Container Registry is a private repository for hosting container images for using on Azure. Additionally, the Azure Container Registry integrates quite well with the orchestrator, which is offered by the Azure Container Service. When you go on to use the Azure Container Registry, you will be able to find the compatible with the open source Docker Registry v2 so will be able to use the same tools on ACR.

VS, VSTS and VS Code integration and deployment to Azure Container Service: On November 14, Microsoft will go on to release a new experience so as to enable easier set up of continuous integration and deployment of multicontainer Linux applications using Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and the open source Visual Studio Code.In order to continue enabling the deployment agility, the company is expecting to invest heavily in excellent dev-to-test-to-prod deployment experiences for container workloads using a choice of development and CI/CD solutions.

Microsoft concluded by saying,

“Azure is the only public cloud with a container service that offers a choice of open source orchestration technologies, DC/OS, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, making it easier for you and your team to adopt containers in the cloud using the tools you love. You can get these agile benefits and more! Go try out DC/OS, Swarm or Kubernetes, on Azure Container Service today! If you want to see more, make sure you watch Microsoft Connect();next week!”