Azure Dedicated Host Now Available

Now run your virtual machines on single-tenant physical servers using new cloud service, Azure Dedicated Host.

Recently, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Dedicated Host, which is a new Azure service, enabling you to run your organization’s Linux and Windows VMs on single-tenant physical servers.
Source: Microsoft 
The company said that this new service will provide you visibility and control to help address corporate compliance and regulatory requirements. Microsoft is extending its Azure Hybrid Benefit to Azure Dedicated Hosts, in order to help you save money by using on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses.
For creating an Azure Dedicated Host, you can use the Azure portal, and as well for hosting groups and to assign Azure Virtual Machines to hosts during the virtual machine (VM) creation process.
You can control all host-level platform maintenance initiated by Azure. The Dedicated Host provides you with the option to defer host maintenance operations and apply them within a defined maintenance window(35 days). During this self-maintenance window, users can apply maintenance to their hosts at their convenience. Which gives them full control over the sequence and velocity of the maintenance process.
In the preview period, users will be able to deploy Dsv3 and Esv3 Azure Virtual Machine series and support for Fsv2 VM is also coming soon.