Azure DevOps Server 2019 Released

Microsoft announced the release of Azure DevOps Server 2019 - the evolution of Team Foundation Server.

Microsoft has announced the release of Azure DevOps Server 2019. Previously known as Team Foundation Server (TFS), Azure DevOps Server 2019 brings the power of Azure DevOps into your dedicated environment.
The company said that Azure DevOps incorporates developer collaboration tools which support all major programming languages and platforms (including macOS, Linux, and Windows) or the cloud, as well as on-premises environments. You can install Azure DevOps Server 2019 into any datacenter or sovereign, and regulate when to apply updates.
Azure DevOps Server 2019 Released 
Source: Microsoft 
The key updates and changes from TFS 2018 to Azure DevOps Server 2019 include a new navigation experience, Azure pipelines enhancement, integration of GitHub Enterprise commits, support for Azure SQL Database, changes to artifacts and release management deployment pipeline licensing, and more.
According to the company, the new navigation is a major UI overhaul. It is more responsive and provides more space to focus on your work.
The company has enhanced Azure Pipelines in many ways including new Build and Release pages, and support for YAML builds.
Azure DevOps Server 2019 also enables integration of GitHub Enterprise commits and pull requests with work items in Azure Boards. By connecting GitHub and Azure Boards, you will get all of the capabilities like backlogs, boards, sprint planning tools, multiple work item types and still have a workflow that integrates with developer workflows in GitHub.
Now you can use Azure SQL Database instead of managing your own SQL Server VMs.
Moreover, Azure Artifacts and Release Management licensing have been made simpler and more cost-effective for most customers.
To learn more, you can visit the official announcement here. Also, you can read the release notes.
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