Azure DocumentDB SDK Updated, Now Contains Python 3 Support

Microsoft’s low latency and globally replicated NoSQL database, Azure DocumentDB, has been updated. The update has been imposed to all four of its client-side SDKs. The company claims that the biggest improvement made to the Python SDK  includes Python3 Support now along with connection pooling and consistency improvements.
In addition to Python 2.7, that the previous version of Python SDK supported, this new version, DocumentDB Python SDK 2.0.0, supports various variations of Python 3, such as - Python 3.3, Python 3.4, and Python 3.5. Now, it has built-in connection pooling and some improvements for consistency level.
According to the Mimi Gentz, Senior Content Developer, DocumentDB,

“Connection pooling is now built in, so instead of creating a new connection for each request, calls to the same host are now added to the same session, saving the cost of creating a new connection each time. We also added a few enhancements to consistency level support, and we added Top and Order By support for cross-partition queries, so you can retrieve the top results from multiple partitions and order those results based on the property you specify.”
For reading the full details of updates in each client-side SDK, visit the official blog of Azure DocumentDB.