Azure ML Studio Introduces New Custom Modules To Cortana Intelligence Gallery

In order to prepare data and create machine learning experiments, Azure ML Studio offers a list of 75 (and growing!) built-in modules. As far as functionality beyond what’s in the built-in modules is concerned, it offers extensibility via custom R modules. The users are also given facility of sharing ML experiments, tutorials and other rich resources.
For custom modules, central repository is offered. To automate your run-of-the-mill data processing tasks, it populated is with a nice collection of initial modules that you can choose from today, including long-awaited time series analytics modules, super useful association rules module, additional clustering algorithms beyond k-means, exciting visualization modules as well as workhorse utility modules.
To help you to discover custom modules quickly, the Gallery is designed. As every module has a link to the underlying source code, so you can examine and customize it, if you choose to; as understanding how a published custom module works is super easy, which is possible by just click on any custom module, opening the module’s details page and the page for the module delivers a consistent and informative learning experience, highlighting the purpose of the module, its expected inputs, outputs, parameters and more.
Its import facility is incredible, as the user can import modules from either the Cortana Intelligence Gallery or Azure ML Studio. With its discuss facility, the user can provide feedback or ask questions from right within the details page of any given custom module. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to copy any experiment with the custom modules to a different workspace and the custom module will travel with it.