Azure PaaS Services Now Available For Azure Stack TP2

Microsoft has announced the preview releases of Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) services for Azure Stack Technical Preview 2, recently. Along with Azure App Service, this release includes the updated versions of SQL/MySQL database. Yes, the Azure App Service includes all the Web apps, API apps, and Mobile apps.
The Azure PaaS Services are helpful in building powerful mobile as well as web applications, equipped with true hybrid cloud consistency, between Azure Stack and Azure. You can download these services from here.
In order to streamline the deployment experience, the Microsoft Azure Team has updated the Technical Preview 2 bits too, along with this release, based on the feedback of the worldwide developers who are using the Azure Stack TP2 in the development of cross-platform and cloud based robust applications. TP2 is now given some more capabilities, such as Queue Storage and Key Vault.
As per the official blog,
“TP2 has many new capabilities that will enrich your Azure-consistency experience, including new Azure services such Queue Storage and Key Vault. You will need to redeploy TP2 using the updated bits above before deploying the Azure PaaS services.”
For more information, you can go through the technical documentation or watch the following video.