Azure SDK June 2020 Released

Microsoft released the June release of the Azure SDK, which updates libraries: Cosmos DB (Java), Event Hubs, Azure Storage, and Text Analytics.
The new preview releases Cosmos DB (Java), Event Hubs, Azure Storage and Text Analytics. The company has also released a new preview of the Azure SDK for Embedded C.
According to Microsoft, the Azure Embedded C SDK is devised to enable small embedded (IoT) devices to communicate with Azure services. The Embedded C SDK is architected very differently than the Azure SDKs the company offers in other languages.
Actually, the SDK is distributed as source code and compiled alongside your code. It targets the C99 standard and test with gcc, clang, and the Microsoft Visual C compilers. The SDK is non-allocating. You must allocate all data structures where you want and then pass the address of the allocated structure into the functions that perform the various operations. This makes sure that out of memory errors are handled in user code.
Explaining about the SDK architecture Microsoft said that at the heart of the SDK is what the company refers to as Azure Core. This code specifies various data types and functions for use by the client libraries like the Azure IoT client libraries and the Azure Blob Storage client library.