Azure Stack To Be Released As An Application In Mid – 2017

 Microsoft is planning on releasing its Azure Stack hybrid cloud operating platform in mid – 2017. It will be released in application form with only a few vendors.
As per the officials at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, currently, Microsoft is working with Dell, HPE, and Lenovo, on co-engineering Azure Stack so as to make it run on their server, on the launch of the new platform next year.
Azure Stack is a technology which is being designed by Microsoft for customers as well as partners, to be able to run in their own datacenters. Azure includes ‘experience’ and programming interface which Microsoft offers through its own Azure public cloud.
Till now, it was planned that Microsoft would go on to allow customers as well as partners on hardware of their choice. However, in order to reduce the complexities and make improvements in the odds of Azure Stack working well, the company has gone on to decide to deliver this product, next year, 2017, as a turkey bundle.
While some customers and partners involved in the first technical preview of Azure Stack were able to work on their own hardware, however; as per the company officials, it is believed that following the application model used with Microsoft's Cloud Platform System (CPS) will go on to bring better results.
A second technical preview of Azure Stack is on its way, and it will be released later this year. As per the company’s executives, Microsoft is currently planning on adding support for more server configurations from vendors for Azure Stack.
For all those using Microsoft’s Cloud Platform, system can go on to consider CPS a stepping stone to Azure Stack. Customers running on CPS and Windows Azure Pack will be able to use these systems along with Azure Stack ones, they need not try to go on to upgrade CPS systems to Azure Stack.
The company’s officials have also gone on to state that Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 will be launched in late September, at Microsoft’s Ignite conference.