Azure Team Increases DocumentDB Query Limits

Microsoft’s Azure DocumentDB just increased the number of queries.

Microsoft’s Azure DocumentDB has a limits on number of queries and that limit has just increased. Azure team just announced that in the latest service of DocumentDB the limit has increased. The new limits are as following

  • Maximum number of AND clauses per query, increased to 20
  • Maximum number of OR clauses per query, increased to 10
  • Maximum number of JOIN clauses per query, increased to 5
  • Maximum number of UDFs per query, increased to 2
  • Maximum number of items returned per query page, increased to unlimited

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is a document-oriented, NoSQL database service designed for modern mobile and web applications. DocumentDB delivers consistently fast reads and writes, schema flexibility, and the ability to easily scale a database up and down on demand. DocumentDB enables complex ad hoc queries using a dialect of SQL, supports well defined consistency levels, and offers JavaScript language integrated, multi-document transaction processing using the familiar programming model of stored procedures, triggers and UDFs.

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