Best Buy Starts Selling Microsoft Surface

On Oct 26, when Microsoft made Windows 8 and Surface available to the public, it also announced Microsoft retail store. Little after that, I visited a local Microsoft store and my experience wasn’t bad.  One of the product that Microsoft exclusively selling at their stores was Surface tablet. I guess Microsoft thought Surface will pull bunch of crowed and fill its store but looks like that isn’t the case.


Today, Microsoft has started selling its Surface Tablet at Best Buy’s online website. Soon, Surface is coming to Best Buy’s retails stores as well. You can see the following link on Best Buy's website home page.


Fool is reporting that this might be the biggest mistake Microsoft ever made. Soon other electronics retailers will start selling Surface. To keep up with the retailers demand, Microsoft has ramp up its production.

Is it a bad move? I don’t think so. Microsoft’s retail store was a recent idea and I am sure Microsoft didn’t count 100% on it. It is still not a bad idea to have a store and showcase its newest and latest products. Now, it might reduce traffic at a Microsoft store but it wasn’t there anyway. 

I think Surface may sell better at retailers. If I have to buy Surface, I would go to Best Buy. Reason? It is much closer to me. Also, Best Buy has better plans to purchase electronics. I also have an account with them so you earn some points and so on. 


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