Beware from hackers to hijack your Facebook photos

If you are a facebook user and upload photos regularly to keep yourself updated, then beware uploading your pictures on Facebook. An Indian origin computer scientist has warned that by doing this you could be helping someone to steal information from your computer.

The scientist created a botnet called Stegobot to show how easy it would be for a crook to hijack Facebook photos to create a secret communication channel that is very difficult to detect. When you upload a photo it wont wait for any of your friends to click on the photo as Facebook helpfully downloads files in the background.

The botnet inserts this information will also pass on the stolen data when your friend is infected with the botnet. Then it goes on continue and botmasters can also send commands to the botnet through the reverse process-uploading a photo with hidden instructions that make their way to infected computers.

So careful while uploading pictures.