Bing delivers Most-Searched Terms of the Year

According to Bing , 2011 was the year of musical superstars, concern for human tragedy and new royalty. Bing has catched history using the searches that mark the year’s most important people and places.


In this year, Bing are the more-anticipated top ten lists for the more searched people, news and stories.The most-searched person Bieber fever on Bing in 2011and making compared with his No. 6 ranking in 2010.Microsoft aggregated billions of search questions to come up with a barometer of what more catched Americans’ attention in 2011.

The director of audience PR Lisa Gurry for Bing , says that Bing users collectively developed a snapshot of this year.Gurry says “What we have found with the more-searched list is that it distributes really interesting perspectives on the significant moments of the year,” .

Gurry hopes that trend and others highlighted in today’s report glow discussion within Bing’s community and inspire reflection on the things they think about day by day.


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