BlazingSQL Open-Sourced

BlazingSQL is now fully Open-Source also with less cost and faster speed.

Recently, the team behind BlazingSQL, which is a GPU-accelerated SQL engine of the RAPIDS ecosystem, announced the open-sourcing of the platform.
The team said that open-sourcing BlazingSQL will accelerate its development cycle and will get its product in the hands of more users. Moreover the open-sourcing will also align BlazingSQL's licensing and messaging with the greater ecosystem.
Source: BlazingSQL 
GM of data science at NVIDIA, Josh Patterson, said, "NVIDIA and the RAPIDS ecosystem are delighted that BlazingSQL is open-sourcing their SQL engine built on RAPIDS...By leveraging Apache Arrow on GPUs and integrating with Dask, BlazingSQL will extend open-source functionality, and drive the next wave of interoperability in the accelerated data science ecosystem."
According to the team, BlazingSQL addresses customer concerns about cost, speed, and complexity with an incredibly fast, distributed GPU SQL engine, with a great focus on simplicity.
The team said that using BlazingSQL, with a very few LOC(Lines Of Code), you can query the raw data, wherever it resides and interoperate that with your existing analytics stack and RAPIDS.