Blazor 0.7.0 Now Available

Microsoft's experimental Blazor project is out in version 0.7.0 with enhanced component coordination across ancestor-descendent relationships.

Microsoft's experimental Blazor project to run the .NET code, such as C# in the browser, is out in version 0.7.0 with enhanced component coordination across ancestor-descendent relationships and improved debugging, and more.
The major features highlighted in the announcement are - Cascading values and parameters, and Debugging improvements.
Cascading values and parameters will be making the data available from one ancestor component to descendant components. Components often use passed-down parameters that may affect how they're rendered. To solve this, the new functionality enables these parameters to descendant components without having to be passed down every level in a multiple-layered descendancy scenario.
"Cascading values and parameters solve this problem by providing a convenient way for an ancestor component to provide a value that is then available to all descendant components," stated the official announcement."They also provide a great way for components to coordinate."
The debugging experience improves upon rudimentary browser-based debugging that was introduced earlier. Blazor 0.7.0 automatically picks up the latest runtime updates, to include recent fixes that make the debugging experience more reliable. "You can now more reliably set and remove breakpoints, and the reliability of step debugging has been improved."
Source: Microsoft 
Other bug fixes include marshal on input events as UIChangeEventArgs (#1673); serialize server-side renders. fixes #1573 (#1672);fix intermittent render omissions. Fixes #1223. (#1666); handle overlapping events (#1655); and Blazor Codegen does not escape quotes (#1527).
For more details, you can visit the official announcement here.