Bootstrap Announces Version 4.4.0

Bootstrap has released its latest version i.e v4.4.0.

Recently, the team behind Bootstrap announced Bootstrap v4.4.0, which brings a bunch of new features.
The highlights of the new release include New responsive containers, New responsive .row-cols classes, New escape-svg() function, and New add() and subtract() functions.
v4.4.0 brings new responsive containers that are available for all responsive tiers. And the new responsive .row-cols classes enable you to quickly specify the number of columns across breakpoints.
Source: Bootstrap 
The escape-svg() function enables easy embedding of background-image SVGs for forms and more. While add() and subtract() functions help avoiding errors and zero values from CSS’s built-in calc feature.
Also, the new version brings a new make-col-auto() mixin to help you make your .col-auto class available with custom HTML.
The release also fixes an issue with Microsoft Edge not picking up :disabled styles by moving selectors to [disabled].
Starting with version 4.4, bg-variant(), nav-divider(), and form-control-focus() mixins are deprecated.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.

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