Bootstrap Rolls Out Version 5 Alpha

With version 5 Alpha, Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery. And the platform has also dropped the support for Internet Explorer.

Bootstrap is now available in its version 5 alpha.
Starting with this release the Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery and the platform has also dropped the support for Internet Explorer. As stated in the Bootsrap's official announcement the Bootsrap is focusing on building tools that are more future-friendly, and version 5 alpha features CSS variables, faster JavaScript, fewer dependencies, and better APIs.
Apart from dropping jQuery, Bootstrap has made a bunch of other changes and enhancements to its JavaScript in version 5 that focus on code quality and bridging the gap between v4 and v5. It has also dropped the bulk of its Button plugin for an HTML and CSS only approach to toggle states. Now toggle buttons are powered by checkboxes.
Source: Bootstrap 
Bootstrap has also started using CSS custom properties in Bootstrap 5 as it has dropped support for Internet Explorer. Version 4 only included a handful of root variables for color and fonts, and now Bootstrap has added them for a handful of components and layout options. The official blog says that they are working to fully utilize the superpowers of both Sass and CSS custom properties for a more flexible system.
Version 5 alpha has also overhauled the Forms documentation and components. New release consolidates all its forms styles into a new Forms section including the input group component in order to give them the stress they justify.
Other highlights include a new logo, improved customizing docs, a brand new utility API, enhanced grid system and that Bootstrap has switched documentation static site generator from Jekyll to Hugo.