Build an Improved Head Mounted Display Lens for Oculus Rift

Microsoft Research developed a lens design system called LensFactory which automatically designed a higher quality replacement for the stock lenses shipped with the Oculus Rift Dk2 virtual reality headset. It corrects a chromatic aberration and produces a sharper view, but its field of view is slightly smaller.

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Use the files provided by Microsoft Research to create the lens housing using a 3D printer using the STL files. STP files are provided so the housing can be modified to one’s liking. The lens element can be ordered from Edmund Optics, and the download includes instructions on assembling the pieces. 
  Oculus vs MSR

C# source code and shader files for the Unity game engine are provided to correct the lens distortion for images viewed on the Oculus display.

Microsoft Research will soon publish a paper describing the techniques leading to this improved display in "Lens Logo: Automatic Lens Generation Using Off-the-shelf Components."