C# 6.0 - Proposed New Features

Preliminary details of proposed new features to be added to C# in version 6.0

Following a talk given by C# language design program manager, Mads Torgersen, on 6 December at the new Developers Conference in London, we now have a good idea of the probable new features to be added to C# in version 6.0.

Rather than repeating them all here, I'd check out the following links which provide a reasonable amount of detail:

One of the proposed new features, Primary Constructors, must be  the "more succinct" syntax for defining classes, that was trailed earlier this year:

Personally, I dislike this feature, that I find confusing, though I suspect it's now a 'done deal'.

But I do welcome the other features, though the syntax for 'monadic null checking' may cause us some headaches!

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