C# Corner Achievements In 2021

The year 2022 is a big growth year for the community. In the meantime, we peek into C# Corner achievements In 2021.

The past couple of years have been the most challenging years of this planet and millions of families have lost their loved ones. COVID has not only killed 5.5 million people and continues to kill thousands each week, but we’ve also seen major disruption of so called “normal life”. I sincerely hope, we put a stop to this craziness in the year 2022. 

C# Corner Served 29 Million Users In 2021

With most of us working from home and remotely has increased demand for technology workers and there is a high demand for new software development. There is a major shortage of software developers around the globe and more and more people are now learning software development.

Remote learning has become a common way to learn new technologies and communities like C# Corner have seen a major traffic increase.

C# Corner has reached a major milestone in year 2021. C# Corner is now ranked #2,241 in the world and #655 in India by Alexa among billions of websites.

C# Corner Alexa Rank

According to Google Analytics, C# Corner website served more than 29 million users with 77 million sessions in the year 2021 and traffic continues to grow in 2022. Out of 29 million users, 74% of them are new visitors.

C# Corner Achievements In 2021

The top 5 counties that had visited C# Corner in 2021 are India (8.89 million), United States (4.79 million), UK (1.0 million), Germany (747k), and Canada (693k).

C# Corner Achievements In 2021

This is a major milestone for all of us.

Global Tech Conferences

Under the umbrella of Global Tech Conferences (GTC), C# Corner hosts and organizes some of the largest tech conferences in the world. In the year 2020, GTC organized 20 conferences and in the year 2021, GTC organized 18 conferences. Not only these conferences were free during pandemic but also raised thousands of dollars to help children and poor around the world.

C# Corner Global Tech Conferences

GTC and C# Corner have one of the largest databases of tech speakers from around the globe. Most of these tech speakers are not only influencers in their areas but also have a good presence on social media and lead their own communities.

In the year 2021, GTC conferences were attended by more than 500,000 attendees worldwide. Here is the list of conferences and the number of attendees who attended the conferences. 

C# Corner Conferences

The following lists the GTC conferences and total number of attendees. 

Date Conference Total Attendees
1/29 SQL Server Virtual Conference 32,540
2/27 Full Stack Conference 5,217
3/9 Power Platform Conference 45,009
3/19 Growth Mindset Conference 8,804
4/20 Azure Cosmos DB Conference 3,232
4/23 IoT Conference 4,721
4/24 Global AI Student Conference 5,644
5/13 Cloud Lunch and Learn 9,683
5/28 Angular Conference 29,775
6/11 React Conference 2,309
6/18 Code Quality Conference 64,021
6/25 Women Data Summit 7,399
7/9 IT Security Conference 6,205
9/13 Cloud Summit 297,801
10/4 Software Architecture Conference 6,988
11/18 Blockchain Conference 12,849
11/16 Global Startup Conference 2,306
  Total Attendees 544,503

C# Corner Achievements In 2021

In the year 2022, GTC and C# Corner plan to organize 22 virtual conferences with a reach of over 1 million in-person and virtual attendees worldwide. 

To learn more about the conferences, detailed, agenda, and speakers, please visit  https://globaltechconferences.com/

Cloud Summit 2021

GTC organized Cloud Summit 2021 from Sept 13 – Sept 23 (10 days) that become “the largest” virtual conference of the year. The Summit had over 150 speakers from some of the largest companies in the world. The following is a glimpse of the speakers of the Cloud Summit 2021.

C# Corner Cloud Summit

The Cloud Summit was the biggest virtual conferences of the year, attended by more than 297k virtual attendees worldwide.

To learn more about the Cloud Summit 2021, its agenda, speakers, and watch sessions recordings, please visit https://azuresummit.live/

CSharp TV

C# Corner Live TV is a Netflix like platform that allows C# Corner to host and live stream developer focused live shows. Some of the popular shows include Rockin’ the Code World with DotNetDave, Growth Mindset, Coffee with Pros, A Bit of AI, C# Corner MVP Show, Product Showcase, A Bit of AI, 7 Minutes of Better Selling Podcast, and C# Corner Townhall.

C# Corner Live TV

In the future, CSharp.TV will be open to its members who wants to host their own Live shows and podcasts. 

To learn more about CSharp TV, please visit www.csharp.tv

Thank you!

The year 2022 is a big growth year for the community. We’ve several products and features in pipeline for our users that will increase both engagement and traffic. 

We would like to thank all of our contributors, creators, and users for their continued support!

Thank you!
C# Corner Team

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