C# Corner Acquires Jumpstart Blockchain

Announcing the exciting acquisition of Jumpstart Blockchain by C# Corner

August 10, 2018 -- Philadelphia, PA
Today, we're pleased to announce that C# Corner (www.c-sharpcorner.com), one of the largest online communities for software developers, based in Philadelphia, PA, has acquired Jumpstart Blockchain (www.jumpstartblockchain.com), a young and upcoming online community of blockchain developers.

“C# Corner has become a brand among Microsoft developers and we’re delighted to expand our network by adding the Jumpstart Blockchain community to the family,” said Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner.

"The need for blockchain learning is growing and so is the demand for blockchain developers. We're in the midst of a revolution of how the new Web is being built, and how data is being stored and managed. Cyber and data security is going to be one of the biggest challenges for the industry and we want to be there," Chand continued.

C# Corner, one of the largest developer communities with six million-plus monthly visitors worldwide, was founded by Mahesh Chand. It’s a community contributions-based website that provides the latest news, updates, learning material, and forums for software developers.

Jumpstart Blockchain is an online community that publishes the latest updates on blockchain technology, including news, reviews, analysis, how-to tutorials, and other content. Jumpstart Blockchain was founded by a few blockchain developers to provide content related to blockchain education and current affairs.

"Mahesh has been an advisor and the architect behind our platform and community growth. Now, by joining C# Corner, we can achieve more and grow at a faster pace. Our goal with Jumpstart Blockchain is to become the go-to place for all blockchain developers, where they can get all the latest updates, learn about new products, get training, browse, find jobs, and more. We want Jumpstart Blockchain to become what C# Corner is to .NET developers," said Wagner, the co-founder of Jumpstart Blockchain.

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