C# Corner Android App Version Released

Tuesday, August 16, 2016. Philadelphia, PA.
Today, C# Corner releases the new version of its Android app. This new version is available for download on the Google Play Store now.
Download C# Corner Android App from here>> 
This latest version of the C# Corner app offers several new and exciting features with some improvements from the previous version. Some of the key features include the following:
  • Messages
  • Follow/Un-follow Profiles
  • Friend Requests
  • Push Notification
The following image from the app showcases the icons for the above activities.
The version of the app is equipped with message functionality. Registered users can now send and receive messages from each other. A message thread is created each time a user receives a message. So, you can see all new and old messages from a user in that thread.
Follow/ Un-follow profiles
Similar to the desktop version of the C# corner website, this Android app also enables users with follow/ un-follow profile functionality. Now, a registered user can follow the profiles of other fellow members, authors, and administrators. The profile owner will be notified each time someone follows or un-follows. On your profile view, you can see who has followed you along with the number of total followers.
Friend Requests
To provide users the power of utilizing the networking, this new version of the C# Corner app encapsulates the functionality of adding friends or unfriending someone who is a registered member of the community. Now, you can send friend requests, accept or reject requests, and unfriend someone, in just a single tap.
Push Notification
Push notification is an important feature for every community app where users can create their profiles and connect with others. In the C# Corner app v, users will get a notification each time he is followed, receives a friend request, is liked by fellow members, etc. Only, the user should be logged in order to receive the push notification. 
Email and push notifications are available for the following activities:
  • When a user comments on your content (articles, blogs, news, code snippets, videos, and events)
  • Content Like
  • Sending/replying to a message
  • Profile follow
  • Sending/accepting a friend request
Thank you for all the support. Please let us know how you like the new features by posting comments below.
Thank you,
Praveen Kumar
C# Corner Team

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