C# Corner Android App Version 0.5.4 Released

Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Philadelphia, PA.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of our app, containing several useful updates. The new C# Corner app 0.5.4 is available for download on the Google Play Store now.

Download C# Corner Android App from here>>

We have added some new features, as well as extended and improved some existing functionality of the application, so as to make it better and more useful to the users. Some of the key features are mentioned below.

1. New Activities added and Activity page design is improved

New activities are added to this new app. Now, users can like a comment or reply to a comment as well. The feed of all the likes and comments will be displayed on the Activity page. And, the author will be notified immediately when an activity takes place.

The design of the home screen of the activity page has been updated to a more elegant and user-friendly one, such as new icons for likes and comments and the removal of boxed notifications with list view.

2. The design and the flow of Navigation Menu is updated

We have updated the flow of the navigation menu to make it more comfortable for users to access the information. The new user-friendly design can be seen in the below image.

3. Users can change their "Account Settings" from the app now

Now, with this new app version 0.5.4, users can change their account settings easily. The general settings (like password change, mobile number, Certifications, and followed categories ) as well a the notification settings (like enabling and disabling the push notifications ) can now be changed directly from the app. Not only this, users can now share their profile or someone else’s profile on their social media accounts in just a single tap.

4. Updating the Account Info

Users can now edit their personal information like their bio as well as skills from the app directly. In the previous version they could only see their profile but now they are more empowered for modifying their profile.

5. Friends Suggestions in User Account Network

The new app is capable of suggesting friends to a user based on his/her activities, interests, location, and technology etc. The friend suggestions will be displayed in the User Account Network section where other notifications related to their friends will also be displayed, as shown in the image below.

6. Filters added

In the “My Contribution” section, users can now filter their content, based on content type, for easy navigation to check the content status. The same filter is applied to bookmarked content also. Now, users can filter the content type they want to see at the moment, such as blog, article, video, forum, or news etc. This feature is helpful in getting to the desired information quickly.

Thank you for all the support. Please let us know about your experience with these new features, through the comments below.
Thank you,
Praveen Kumar
C# Corner Team