C# Corner Android App Version 0.5.5 Released

Monday, January 23, 2017. Philadelphia, PA.
Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of our app, with several useful updates. The new C# Corner app 0.5.5 is available for download on the Google Play Store now.
Download C# Corner Android App from here>>
Some cool features have been added along with upgrades and improvements in many existing features, so as to enhance the functionality of the application. The key features of the C# Corner app 0.5.5 are mentioned below.
Addition of Emotions
Now, you can give your honest opinion on a post with multiple options available, as the emotions functionality has been added to the app.
Activity Feeds enabled
Now, you can get feeds from your friends when they are selected as member of the month, or awarded with C# Corner MVP, or whenever an important activity takes place in their profile. You get the option to like or comment on that activity. This action of yours will also create a feed in your profile that will be shown on your friends’ profiles.
You can check the details of each activity and see who likes and comments on that particular activity. Along with this, you have the option to follow / unfollow them.
Career Advice Section
As the name suggests, the career advice section is there to help you groom your career path. You can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, mark them as spam if not appropriate, vote up/down to an answer, follow a question thread etc., along with easy filtering and sorting options available.
This new Career Advice Section has been added to the Homepage menu also.
Forum Section Improved
We have made some significant improvements in the forum section too. Now, you can post a question, accept an answer, follow a question, vote up/down to an answer, and close a thread from your app, just like we have it on the web.
Here also, we have added the functionality of sorting and filtering.
Social Media ability
Now, the users are given the power of sharing their post on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Yes, for this, you will have to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the C# Corner profile.
The new version is already available on the Google Play Store. Please download or update the app and let us know about your experience with these new features, through comments below.
Thank you,
Praveen Kumar
C# Corner Team

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