C# Corner Chapters is Live

We are proud to announce our new section called “C# Corner Chapters”. 

See the link "Chapters" in header.

Features of this section include:
  1. Details of all the chapters.

  2. Become a member of any chapter in the city you are residing and participate in various events organised by the corresponding chapter.

  3. Know about all the chapter events held in your city. Details like venue, date and time, and session details are provided in the event detail page.

  4. Register for an event in your city.

  5. Notification to chapter members of upcoming events.
To know more, visit chapters here and get associated with a chapter in your area.


What is a Chapter?
A Chapter is a local C# Corner group meeting (offline, in-person) where C# Corner members meet and discuss cutting-edge technologies. A local chapter will also be responsible for planning local events and seminars. You can find more details on Chapter leads, members, and upcoming events in the Chapters portal here > 

How many Chapters are there total?
Currently, we have 5 active chapters - Trivandrum, Mumbai, and Delhi, all in INDIA and we have Philadelphia (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey) chapters.

Why do I join a Chapter?
If you are a tech enthusiast and want to build a network of social people like yourself and believe in sharing and support of a community then a chapter is for you. Not only can you learn and share your knowledge but you can also meet and get to know other members in person.

Can I run a chapter in my local city?
Running a chapter is basically arranging user group meetings. You must have resources such as a location to meet, speakers, and leadership qualities. We are slowly testing these chapters and figuring out problems and their solutions. Once these chapters mature, we will be looking to expand in other cities as well. If you are an experienced techie and have resources and a group of friends who are willing to dedicate their time, we are all ears. Feel free to contact us here or send an email to Praveen AT C# Corner.