C# Corner December 2018 Update

Learn C# Corner Dec 2018 updates that include new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and improved user experience.

We've just updated C# Corner platform with several new features, performance improvements, and user-friendly UX. 

Let’s look at these updates.

1. Emojis Added to the Title

Emojis to C# Corner 

Have you noticed something special in this image? Yeah! There is an emoji added to the title. This is the first breaking update on the website. Now, when submitting an article, you can add an emoji to the title. That obviously makes the articles interesting and attracts more readership. Google search results will also show this in the results.

Emojis on C# Cornner

2. Description Visibility

Article description is visible now. This is important so that Google can read and understand your article. Make sure your article/block description is detailed enough for Google. Also, don't forget to add proper keywords in the description.
Article description

3. Category Page Updated


Category/technology page displayed a list of articles with the author’s image in front of each article title along with the author info and the date of publishing/last update. 

We received a number of suggestions lately asking to remove these distractions, stating – (Not the exact words, but pretty much of the zest) – "When it comes to learning, it doesn’t matter who wrote the piece of content and when it was published; as long as the content is relevant and helping, readers will keep learning from it. It is irrelevant to show the author name on the category page. If someone needs to know the author, they can go through the article. This extra information is just a distraction." 

Well, we have listened to our readers. Now, the extra information is gone in this December 2018 update, making the category pages more elegant and readable.

New category page

4. History Page is not Public anymore


In the last update in October 2018, we announced the public visibility of the history of each content published on C# Corner. The drawback of this feature was that Google started indexing the history pages and marking them duplicate because the description content matched with that of the original page.

After the feedback from our members and the SEO team, we have removed public accessibility. Only logged-in members can now see the history of an article, blog, or news. This also restricts Google to index the history pages.


5. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements


Bug fixing is a continuous process to help improve the user experience on a website. Our dev team has also been working on bug fixes to offer you a flawless experience while browsing through the C# Corner website on multiple devices. In this December update, we have fixed a number of bugs reported by the testing team, as well as the community.

We've also improved the performance of members page and other areas. 

That is pretty much it in this update. We hope you will like these changes. As always, we look forward to seeing your feedback and suggestions to serve you better.