C# Corner Gang and the Progress

We recieved an email from Cale Teeter saying, "Not sure what was changed on your site, but the speed is much better.  This site used to crawl when I viewed it.  Good job to someone!".

Isn't that nice to see this kind of emails? Well, good job is done by Ashish, Bhasker, and C# Corner development team. Now we are almost done with the Phase 1 functionality and concentrating on performance and tuning areas. Luckily, in first couple of days, we hit the home page, some part of forums and still improving other areas. For next 2 to 4 weeks, you will be seeing a lot more activities on the site including performance enhancements in different areas.

Eventually, we got some C# Corner T-Shirts and other goodies. We have just finalized the goodies and starting next couple of months, we will be giving away goodies to our members.

C# Corner Gang - Joe, Mahesh, Ashish, and Bhasker

Finally, we got a slogan - "Do you C Sharp? We do".

We also signed a professioanl model for our upcoming photo shoots.  Watch out, we are working on contracting couple of female models ;-) too.



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