C# Corner Kolkata Developer Conference Announced

July 20, 2016, New Delhi:

C# Corner Kolkata Conference Announced For December 2016

C# Corner is pleased to announce that a Developers Conference is going to be held in Kolkata, West Bengal, in December 2016.

This will be the first time C# Corner is organizing event focusing on the eastern states of India, just like the Hyderabad DevCon16, which is scheduled in August. The exact date and venue are, however, yet to be decided. Although developers from all over India are welcome to participate in this popular event,  it is a delight for the developers’ community from the eastern region.

As always, there will be technical sessions of high-profile speakers and certified professionals on the wide-spread technologies, for the skills enhancement of the IT programmers. Additionally, there will be small chunks of career advice in between these sessions and developers will get the opportunity to network with other professionals and share their knowledge.

This year’s annual conference in Delhi was a resounding success, attended by a broad range of IT professionals. Many international tech speakers also took part and presented their sessions. We are hoping that the conference in Kolkata will become a huge success and we will be able to set a new benchmark in our path to skill enhancement of the developers worldwide.

So, stay tuned to C# Corner website for more updates on the conference news.

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