C# Corner Lahore Chapter Announced

Today, C# Corner announces a new Chapter in Lahore, Pakistan.

Philadelphia, June 12, 2018.

It has been around 20 years and the reach of C# Corner is increasing day by day. The C# Corner Chapter events have been extremely useful for developers to meet and connect with their peers in their local region. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have set up a new Chapter in Lahore, Pakistan. Afzaal Ahmed Zeeshan is the Chapter Lead of this new venture under whom the C# Corner Lahore Chapter is fully functional.

Dinesh Beniwal, Vice President, Content and Marketing, stated,

“C# Corner Chapter events have been very helpful for developers all around the world. It is an achievement for us to reach a new country and open our first Chapter in Lahore, Pakistan. I am sure, the Lahore Chapter will prosper and grow strong under the wonderful leadership of Afzaal. He has been a wonderful contributor to the website too.”

The Lahore Chapter Leader, Afzaal Ahmed Zeeshan, is a computer programmer working on various Microsoft technologies. He has written 2 eBooks as well, on programming concepts. His enthusiasm to learn and share technology has earned him the C# Corner MVP as well as Microsoft MVP status. As Dinesh said, we are sure Lahore Chapter will set new records under his leadership.

This is the 37th C# Corner Chapter in the world and the first one in Pakistan. If you hail from Pakistan, you can join the C# Corner Lahore Chapter now and connect to the Chapter Leader to arrange the first Chapter Event.

Do visit the C# Corner Chapters page for more information regarding upcoming C# Corner Chapter events.