C# Corner Launched a Joint Venture Focused On Tech Conferences

C# Corner, 2020Twenty, and a couple of other conferences organizers have partnered and launched a new joint venture to bring several tech conferences under one umbrella.

Today, C# Corner, 2020Twenty, and a couple of other conferences organizers have partnered and launched a new joint venture to bring several tech conferences under one umbrella. The new joint venture is GlobalTechConferences (GTC).

There are many great tech conferences in the world. However, most of the tech conferences are suffering from a lack of sponsorships, and the cost of organizing tech conferences is growing each year. By bringing multiple conferences under one umbrella offers sponsors many audiences under one roof. It saves everyone time.

Companies now can reach hundreds of thousands of attendees in-person and/or virtual by dealing with a single party. GTC will offer a single or more conference in different cities around the globe.

Our goal with GTC is to become one of the largest tech conferences organizations that will offer companies to reach a larger audience without a hassle. Smaller conferences can join GTC and get advantages of its wider marketing and salesforce that will bring them more revenue via new sponsorships. Conferences can still maintain their revenue model the way they do now. GTC will just offer them an extra source of revenue. It is a win-win for all”, said the global director of GTC.

In the year 2021, GTC aims to reach 300,000 audiences and offer 600 sessions by 500 speakers. Some of the partner conferences under the GTC umbrella include C# Corner Annual Conference, Azure Summit, the Ledge, Lightup Conference, and several others.

Visit Global Tech Conferences website here: https://globaltechconferences.com/

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C# Corner was founded and run by veteran Microsoft developers including several Microsoft MVPs, regional directors, and certified trainers. Mahesh Chand, the founder of C# Corner, is a 14-time Microsoft MVP and a former Microsoft Regional Director. Mahesh is also a published author and has issued half a dozen books on C# and .NET.

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About 2020Twenty

2020Twenty is the creators of some of the largest global conferences that focus directly on emerging technologies and software development. In 2020, the company organized and executed 20 conferences focused on .NET, Azure, blockchain, AI/ML, databases, and other emerging technologies with a total of 550 speakers, made up of industry leaders and experts in their selected fields. Each conference was live-streamed to 260,000 virtual attendees around the globe, making the free experience an amazing one for developers all over the world.

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