C# Corner Launches Azure Developer Skill Challenge

C# Corner launches Azure Developer Skill Challenge. Take on the challenge and get yourself certified in Azure.

C# Corner began with articles, blogs, and code aimed primarily at the C# language's beta version. And as technology advanced and more people from all over the world became involved with C# Corner, we began to broaden our technological domain.

C# Corner now offers learning materials for the vast majority of cutting-edge software-related technologies. C# Corner currently has articles, blogs, videos, books, challenges, certifications and learn series on over 160 different topics ranging from C# to Quantum Computing.


We are excited to announce the launch of our new C# Corner Challenge - Azure Developer Skill Challenge. The C# Corner Challenge is a collection of MCQ questions based on language/technology that will help you assess yourself, improve your knowledge, and move up the leaderboard.

Though the C# Corner Challenge is about benchmarking your technology skills, we also strive to provide you with relevant and up-to-date learning.

Azure Developer Skill Challenge tests you on the latest and most sought Azure Developer basics as well as advanced skills.

Each C# Corner Challenge covers a specific set of topics and is of varying difficulty. To keep the level of Skill Tests up to date with the latest industry needs, our dedicated team refreshes the questions in consultation with industry experts. Qualifying for a C# Corner Challenge implies that you are well-versed in those topics. Then, as proof of your expertise, you can obtain the certificate for that technology from the result page.

This challenge, which includes questions similar to those found in interviews, gives you an idea of how good you are and where you need to improve. So, why wait? Take the Azure Developer Skill Challenge today.


  1. Developed by Microsoft with the original code name "Project Red Dog".
  2. First released on October 27, 2008.
  3. Azure is a hybrid cloud provider, available across 140 countries.
  4. Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider.
  5. Azure provides easy integration with SAP and other Microsoft products.
  6. Azure provides almost 100% availability. SAP HANA Replication achieves data and service availability of 99.99%.

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Once you qualify don't forget to share your achievement on social media with #Csharpcorner #AzureCertified, also don't forget to tag C# Corner.

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