C# Corner Launches HTML5 Developer Certification

C# Corner launches new certification on HTML5. Take on the challenge and get yourself certified in HTML5.

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Today, C# Corner provides learning content on the majority of cutting-edge software-related technologies. Currently, C# Corner has articles, blogs, videos, books, and Learn Series on more than 160 different categories, ranging from C# to Quantum Computing.


Today we are launching our first certification "HTML5 Developer Certification". You can take the test here.

HTML5 has made its presence felt in each and every domain, be it medicine, research, education, complex real-time systems, etc.

HTML5 is a markup language that is used on the World Wide Web to structure and deliver content. It is the World Wide Web Consortium's fifth and final major HTML version recommendation. The HTML Living Standard is the current standard.

Some facts about HTML5: 

  • The DOCTYPE declaration for HTMl5 is very simple, <!DOCTYPE html>
  • The character encoding<meta charset=”UTF-8”>
  • New function for embedding audio(<audio>), video(<video>), graphics(<svg> and<canvas>)
  • Client-side data storage
  • Interactive documents
  • New structural elements <article> ,<header>,<footer>,<nav>,<section>,and<figure>
  • New from control calendar, date,time,email,url,search
  • Java script enhancement
  • New HTML5 API’s
  • HTML Geolocation, HTML Drag And Drop, html local storage, HTML Application Cash, HTMl Web Workers, HTML SSE

This certification is for anyone who wants to test their HTML5 skills and get certified in HTML5.

HTML5 Resources

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  2. HTML5 Basics Part 1
  3. HTML5 Basics Part 2
  4. C# Corner HTML 5 Category
  5. Videos
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. HTML Head
    3. HTML Body
    4. Common HTML Tags

Once you qualify don't forget to share your achievement on social media with #Csharpcorner #HTML5Certified, also don't forget to tag C# Corner.