C# Corner Launches JavaScript Developer Certification

C# Corner launches new certification on JavaScript. Take on the challenge and get yourself certified in JavaScript.

C# Corner started with articles, blogs, and code mainly targetting the beta version of the C# language. And as technology advanced and more and more people around the globe got associated with C# Corner, we started to expand our domain of technology.

Today, C# Corner provides learning content on the majority of cutting-edge software-related technologies. Currently, C# Corner has articles, blogs, videos, books, and Learn Series on more than 160 different categories, ranging from C# to Quantum Computing.

Today we are launching our first certification "JavaScript Developer Certification". You can take the test here.

JavaScript, commonly abbreviated as JS, is high-ranking, mostly just-in-time, and multiparadigm assembled. It has curly bracket notation, intuitive scripting, object-orientation concept, and high-class functions.

JavaScript gained popularity because of the following features,

  1. Increased execution speed as it is interpreted and not compiled
  2. Easy to learn and implement.
  3. It is supported by all modern browsers with built-in interprets.
  4. It works efficiently with other languages, to provide an optimal web solution.
  5. JavaScript is both capable of Front-End and Back-End.
  6. Provides greater performance for websites and web applications with reduced code length.

Some facts about JavaScript,

  1. JavaScript along with HTML and CSS forms the 3 main components of WWW or the World Wide Web.
  2. JavaScript was developed under project Mocha.
  3. JavaScript was created in just 10 days, covering very limited functionalities.
  4. JavaScript is an interpreted language.
  5. According to Github Octoverse, although JavaScript has not seen any growth, then also is among the top languages used on the web.

This certification is for anyone who wants to test their JavaScript skills and get certified in JavaScript.

JavaScript Resources:

  1. Noltran JavaScript Course
  2. C# Corner JavaScript Course
  3. JavaScript Interview Questions

Once you qualify don't forget to share your achievement on social media with #Csharpcorner #JavaScriptCertified, also don't forget to tag C# Corner.