C# Corner Launches New Learn Series - Learn Django

C# Corner Launches new Learn series "Learn Django in 20 Days"

Adding a new feather to its hat, C# Corner has launched a new learning series, "Learn Django in 21 Days".
Learn series is C# Corner's way to teach you cutting edge technologies.
Django is a free, open-source software platform built-in Python that implements the architectural style of the model-template-view. The Django Software Foundation, a US charitable corporation founded as a 501 non-profit entity, manages the company.
It was developed by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison. The first stable version was launched on 15 July 2005.
With every new technology, the first question that one gets is why to learn that technology, so to answer that question, read the following:
  1. It comes with excellent documentation, which is built in such a way that it will answer each and every question that one can think of.
  2. Django creates SEO optimized web application.
  3. It is highly scalable, hence application of any size can be built and maintained.
  4. Django provides a high level of security. Hence one needs not to worry a lot about securing the application from malicious people, who may exploit your application.
  5. Django is very effective in terms of rapid development. That means you don't need a high level of expertise to create an application.
  6. It has tools to create Google Sitemaps and GIS applications.
  7. Facebook, BitBucket, Pinterest, and Instagram use Django.
Facts about Django:
  1. It is based on Python. 
  2. It supports MVC and ORM
  3. It is a lightweight and standalone web server for development and testing
  4. It has an internationalization system, including translations of Django's own components into a variety of languages
  5. Django constitutes 3% of the total Web Framework market share in 2020.
This series intends to introduce the learners to the Python Django. You will get hands-on experience with Django Python. The series provides you with everything necessary to get started with the Django Python.
We start the series by providing an introduction to Python so that those who don't know python can learn a basic.
It is advised to go through the Python Learn Series, to get a better understanding of Python. 
Once learners are well worsed with Python basics, the series provides an introduction to Python Django. 
After we are done with basic, we start learning the following:
  1. Django-Visual Studio Setup
  2. HTML Paragraph and Heading Tags
  3. HTML Tables and Forms
  4. Introduction to CSS
  5. CSS: Fonts and Alignment
  6. Django Models
  7. Views and URL Handling
  8. Built-in Admin Interface
  9. Django Templates
  10. Django static files
  11. Django Forms
  12. CRUD Operations in Django
At the end of the series, you will get a chance to test what you have learned by implementing the following:
  1. Django Local Host Application
To learn more, please visit Learn Django in 20 Days