C# Corner Launches Python Developer Certification

C# Corner launches new certification on Python. Take on the challenge and get yourself certified in Python.

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Today we are launching our first certification "Python Developer Certification". You can take the test here.

Python has made its presence felt in each and every domain, be it medicine, research, education, complex real-time systems, etc.

It has gained some popularity as Python has a wide variety of libraries with pre-defined functions and also since the number of code lines needed to be written is comparatively less as compared to other languages. Hence, the resulting code is crisp and takes less time to run. 

Some facts about Python: 

  1. According to Forbes, Python has experienced a growth of 456% in the last 2 years. 
  2. According to StackOverflow, from January 2016 to August 2017, the traffic growth rate of Python increased by 27%. And in 2019, it increased by 41%.
  3. Python has been ranked the top in the list of "Top Programming Languages in 2019" by IEEE
  4. Companies like Google, NASA, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, and Instagram use Python.

This certification is for anyone who wants to test their Python skills and get certified in Python.

Python Resources

  1. Noltran Python Course
  2. C# Corner Python Course
  3. Python in 4 Hours
  4. Python Interview Questions
  5. Python Basics

Once you qualify don't forget to share your achievement on social media with #Csharpcorner #PythonCertified, also don't forget to tag C# Corner.